Full Slide Deck Out Van Sliding Door 1200mm long 247KG rated


Sliding platform to suit a twin drawer system for vans that have 2 drawers out the sliding door or doors.  We make the slide deck to suit the van width available.  Using 3 x 247kg rated slides at 1200 long the deck will come out a full 1200mm.  The slide deck will lock in and lock on the outer position with 2 heavy duty built in lock handles.  18mm structural top deck allow for extra heavy loads – all with our life time warranty.

No need to do any fitting when ordered with our drawer system as the slide deck is full integrated.

Call now to discuss with our design team on 1300 300 405.

Suitable for Toyota Hiace and Ford Transit Custom drawer systems

We manufacture slides and work sliding platforms.  Full sliding top decks or just a single slide for a fridge or generator – we can custom make to suit any dimension. Our slides can be integrated into our drawer systems making a single flat “top deck”.  No need for a big and bulky construction – just a nice flat sliding platform that is the same level as the rest of the drawer system.


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