MaxLiner KD 5 Piece Under Rail Bed Liner


Designed to meet the highest specifications of each vehicle were toughness, agility and dependability are all combined into the Maxliner brand. Our products are also tested under the most server and harsh environment which makes it the strongest Bedliner ever manufactured.

MaxLiner KD 5 Piece Under Rail Bed Liner

Our MaxLiner KD (Knocked Down) 5 piece under rail bed liner is our latest evolutionary step regarding bedliner innovation. For this variant the floor has a “non-skid floor surface” reducing sliding of cargo while driving. Furthermore, the five-piece design allows a closer fit to the truck bed, maximizing inside space. This all packed in a single box, reducing transport damages, shipped to you much more efficiently than the traditional bed liners and easy to install DIY.

Do your own research and we’re confident you’ll see that the MaxLiner KD is your best choice in Ute Bed protection!


  • Non Skid Floor
  • Easy Assembly and Installation – 5 Pieces of
  • A lightweight of bed liner made from durable polyethylene material which can easily be assembled with interlocking pieces suitable for everyday application.
  • Manufactured from lightweight and durable plastic material – High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Protects your Ute bed from scratches and spills
  • Carton packaging for easy transportation
  • 100% anti UV surface
  • Maintenance free – Non Skid textured surface
  • Lifetime Warranty
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