Sliding Work Platform From $395 (800 Long x 450 Wide)
Full Ute Slide Deck with 245 Kg 3 slide system fitted price $1150
Full Ute Slide Deck with side wing kit fitted price $1950
We make stand alone slide units or we can integrate into our drawer systems.
Load rated up to 245Kgs we can custom fabricate slides up to 2000mm long and 1200mm Wide.
Made from Structural ply with heavy duty roller bearing slide units our slides are built to last even under the harshest conditions. Structural ply wood allows high strength with flexibility to allow for heavy loads, rugged road conditions and body flex when off roading.
ALL Runners and fittings are Stainless steel for strength and durability. Aluminium tread or “checker” plate is used for trimming.
Please check out our many options that will enhance the functionality of your storage system.

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